The Vamps + Meeting BFC

Saturday, January 30, 2016

I'm waiting for Arrow and The 100 to finish downloading so I guess I wanted to type out some stuff. Let's start with Monday. Lecture day as usual but I don't think I paid attention at all. I was doing some final edits with the Damai Bake Sale poster and then I spent the other lectures doing up my slides for my medical/surgical presentation. I dropped by the pasar malam with my malay clique - god, I really need to find a better name for us - and we got some food and just had dinner together. I love pasar malams and i really really wanted to try out some rides at uncle ringo's... but I was worried they would have a weight or age limit lol

Tuesday... Did I even do anything? I don't even remember. I probably didn't do anything. Wednesday, I came for my presentation. I ran to class but Vic was late so we ended up starting late anyway. The presentation itself was okay but every tutorial for this module has class participation as part of the CA so that sucks a lot. Oh the two episodes finished downloading, I shall start with Arrow first. Thursday I didn't have school either but I woke up and watched some episodes that I missed and then rushed off to the damai bonding session. I would consider that session a success and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. There was a mix-up with the food situation that pissed the hell out of me but Atifah had my back so I'm incredibly grateful for that. I was really bummed that some people couldn't attend the session but it's okay! There'll be more (idk actually) I ended up staying to sort everything out and then reached Pasir Ris at 11:30pm and at that time the place is bloody empty okay once I cross the road so I had to walk alone all the way to the lift and then from the lift landing through the corridor all the way back home and usually it's no big deal but when it's that late and that silent, I get really really scared. 

Friday, I woke up super early and went for my appointment and that took literally forever. Headed to school and met up with Dina and she gave me my cookies that I ordered from the damai bake sale *HINT HINT ORDER THEM* and coincidentally I bought a bottle of milk because I skipped breakfast so yeah cookies and milk? Best combination ever. I joined Dina's class and Dr Shefaly asked if I wanted to introduce myself and I was like "Oh nevermind ah that's not necessary" but she insisted and that remembered that I'm bloody shy so she helped out haha. Dr Shefaly is my favourite favourite favourite teacher ever she's the kindest, most caring, most observant, most understanding teacher I've ever had in my entire life and I'm so thankful to have had her last semester and this semester as well. I headed home to change out because it was bloody hot so I wore the black crochet top plus black skirt and headed out again to get dinner with my jc bestfriends omg. I saw OMG I JUST REMEMBERED WHAT I DID ON TUESDAY WHAT THE HELL HOW COULD I FORGET. Firstly, I went out for lunch at a cafe with Nabs and Fatin hahaha and we had ice cream afterwards and then I went off to Sentosa with Farah to go to The Vamp's concert?? How the hell could I have forgotten that right hahah I'm bloody useless but yes the concert was amazing and The Tide was their opening bad and they were pretty cool I wish I checked out their songs pre-concert. I found out today that At Sunset toured with The Vamps before?? I wish they opened for The Vamps lol but yeah the night was bloody amazing  (I say bloody a lot recently I apologise, bad habit) and Vic got me to the front of the queue jkshlgjfhdg so happy okay continuation hahaha I met up with Nabs on Tuesday so when I saw her I was like "I missed you I haven't seen you since -" "Three days ago. Really?" and Zee I haven't seen her since we had dinner at the airport, and Nat I haven't seen him since A Level results day and Saif I think the last time I met him was last year at Toasties maybe? It was so good to catch up with all of them minus all the NS talk because I understood nothing except Nat is really fit, is in army, handles bombs and rifles and Saif is in police but has a desk job because he's colourblind so they don't let him do ANYTHING he's very unfairly treated. It was so good to see them.

I got some bad news... OKAY actually it's amazing news and I'm really happy but completely devastated as well I don't know I hope I can keep my shit together.

Long week ahead but I'm excited. Okay gotta go focus on The 100
Sorry if there's any errors in this post I'm lazy and tired.

Next collection will be 18th Feb actually, but check it out! I got mine today and they are absolutely delicious and crunchy and amazing so give it a shot! X

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