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Friday, February 12, 2016

I sort of self-invited myself to go over to Nadiah's house. To see her kittens. They're two-month-old, domestic short hairs (according to Nad's 10 year old brother) They are bloody cute. I was first to arrive. I checked out the view because damn, that girl lives high up. And I really liked her house design?? Literal house goals?? I mean it'd be nice to get a house in the future similar to the home I grew up in but hell I wouldn't mind Nad's house. I really liked it. It's like really spacious and I don't know I liked it a lot. I wish I took pictures but that would've been creepy. Dina arrived soon after and the cats were awake omg so Dina and Nadiah are actually scared of the cats and I LOVE CATS. And they were so tiny oh my god that was my first time carrying a cat because big cats are too fat and I'm too scared to carry them but these kittens were so small and so light!!! I ordered pizza..... like a lot of pizza. And we had heart to heart talks and a kitten bonding session sigh it was a wonderful afternoon.

Also: Nadhirah is basically an angel for coming all the way from Woodlands to Pasir Ris to hang with us and the kittens and then go back to Kent Ridge for a meeting in school. That's #dedication

Not forgetting my dad's birthday... we had ondeh ondeh cake it was SO GOOD LIKE SO GODIJFUDWGFHLYWDKSFGHKLJDW SO GOOD THAT GOOD I LOVED IT 

Oh and finally..... today!!!!!!
School finally started again after a long ass CNY holiday. Bless you ALCNS for giving me long ass break. So I was in the lift today on the way to class and Rach passed me a rose?? I was just like whaaaa? I thought she was asking me to hold it for her sia. But it had my name on it! 
To: Tiara
                                             Happy Valentines Day!
                                                               From: Anonymous
So I've got my suspicions on who it could be.................... but I'm not sure
First ever rose though so thank you endlessly, it means the world to me.

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