Dreams, Unfulfilled.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Written on 21/7:

Firstly, let me just clarify that I can't imagine my future whatsoever, but if I had magic or somehow a miracle happened and changed my life, this is how I would picture it:

I would be really skinny, with a healthy BMI of 20. And I would wear nice knee-length dresses and chiffon or denim tops with high-waisted jeans or skirts. I would wear modest dresses as I grow older. I would have nice long hair with loose curls and it'd be silky and smooth and ombré. I would have gotten lasik so I have close to perfect eyesight, since my degree is too high to bring it back to zero, or I would have contact lenses implant. I would have better skin, flawless even, and have the best make up that suits my face. I would have many shoes and boots and comfortable heels.

I would be very religious and not miss a single compulsory prayer and I would be good and not bad and I would be a role model to my future child. I would not be shy anymore, I would be brave and I'll stand up for my rights, I'll stand for what is right. I would be nice, I would be kind, I would be forgiving, I would be understanding, I would be happy, I would not be sad anymore.

I would have a nice home, and my dream was always to have a nice bungalow somewhere. It would have a lap pool for me to exercise. It would have a gym as well. It would have a nice big kitchen where I can experiment recipes and learn to cook, and it would have marble counters and a huge fridge. It would have a bedroom, for my other half and I with a large king bed and a 42" flatscreen. It would have a small studio for me to do anything I like, maybe paint or draw or write or sing or dance or learn to play the guitar I've had for five years. It would have a cinema room but this is optional, it would have nice comfy recliners and a projector with a screen that is very large and it shall be very homey. It would have a private library with a high ceiling, with floor to ceiling wooden bookshelves filled with books I love, and books I have yet to read. It would have a large, soft and red Victorian armchair and also a sofa bed for me to fall asleep in after a day of reading. It shall have thick curtains to block the daylight if I wish for it and it would have good lighting for me to read in. It would have a tea maker. It would also have a garden area near the pool for us to spend time together. 

My future husband would be a nice, kind man. He would be open-minded, pious, forward-thinking, intelligent and brave. He would be tall and dashing and I would love him dearly. He would love me too, maybe equally or maybe more than I love him. He would be whatever he has always wanted to be and I'd support him all the way. I would like to have two kids, both boys but I'm alright with one boy one girl. I want to be the best mother for them and guide them to a path where they can make mistakes, but learn from them. I will be a supportive mother and I will nurture them together with my future husband into well-disciplined and driven individuals. 

I would be happy.

But this is all a dream.

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