Meeting Prince Charming On The Rink

Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm too tired to think of a title for this post so let's just start. I woke up for sahur and ate cereal and then went back to sleep, woke up at six, showered and then headed to school. I just feel the need to express my love for the 6:50 Bus 89 because it's always empty hahaha and I always get a seat so yay!! Anyway, school was very boring and we got back our Bio paper which I got U for, so whatever, I don't want to talk about it. I was just counting down the hours to the end of school because I was so excited for ice skating! So one good thing about Fridays is that we spend three hours in the same classroom so I don't have to move my lazy ass around school. One bad thing about Friday is that there is four consecutive tutorials which means my day is boring. Anyway, school ended and I waited for Sid for awhile before we went down and decided to change into our jeans/pants. We boarded the bus soon after and I had my lepak/jiwang session while Sid, Eli and XY went to take a short nap. I think I quite like being in the dark, or anywhere where the lights are dim, and the place is silent. I can think better, then - not think as in study-think, but think as in re-evaluate my life. 

We reached the place, queued for the skates and then we started our short lesson with the female trainer who has an amazing thigh gap. There was this major cutie who looked kind of Caucasian/Middle-Eastern there at the rink and I was just admiring him for far hahah. He was with three women who looked fully Caucasian - so maybe his girlfriend, or friends, or sisters, or a mixture of all three haha. But soon, they had to go clean the ice or whatever, so we sat out for awhile. I brought my phone to the rink so the girls took some pictures of themselves hahaha. Saif arrived at this point, because he had his Malay Oral before that. So, we started skating again and there was this point in time where I fell on my butt while skating alongside Saif. I just kind of sat there and laughed before going on my knee to stand up and as I turned my body, the guy who I had been looking at for awhile (the major cutie) was actually standing there holding his hand out, so I grabbed it and he pulled me up. I was honestly surprised but I whispered "Thanks!" and he skated off. I looked at Eli/Sid/Xinying who were standing like 10 metres away from me and they looked like they wanted to kill me hahahah, I reached them a few seconds after and Eli said, "Wah, I also want to fall in front of him ah" and I was just smiling to myself like crazy. 

My feet started to hurt like half an hour after so I sat out with the girls and Eli was re-enacting the whole thing - god it was hilarious. Eli literally said something like this, "We were all waiting for you at the side ah, then you were with Saif and we were saying "Wah this one confirm couple" all that then suddenly you fell and we laughed at you then you just sat there and went "HAHA"  then we were just laughing at you lah then that guy was skating behind you and he just skidded to a stop and held his hand out like some prince charming and we were like OH MY GOD" and she did that complete with hand actions hahaha it was hilarious. I went on to skate for a little longer and then my ankle started to hurt again, so I sat out again and I kind of just wrecked my mind thinking what exactly happened when I fell, like I don't really remember his face or my reaction or if I smiled or he smiled or if he said "You're welcome" or if I even said "Thanks" but I always thanks, it's just part of my nature, you know? I was kind of mad at myself for having such bad memory or maybe I was just too surprised that he was standing there offering to help me that I guess I didn't pay attention to what I said or what he might have said. I'm pretty sure I said thanks and smiled and he smiled before skating off. The nicest part was that he actually stopped just to help me even though he could've seen that Saif was standing right next to where I fell. But well, it was a nice gesture and so sweet of him.

Anyway, I feel so guilty because I accidentally kicked Saif's elbow with the blade of the skates and he kind of bled a little? I feel so bad but he said he's alright and I asked a few times because I was worried as hell. Okay I left close to six because my feet hurt and Sid and I bought doughnuts and then got on a super crowded MRT. I don't like crowded places, it makes it hard to breathe. 

Farah was telling me last night, that scientists agree that if we were to see a clone of ourselves, we wouldn't recognize them, because we see ourselves differently. This kind of mindf*cked me because I don't understand how it's possible. Now I'm just wondering how I look like to people, to my friends, to the boy I like, to my family. How do I really look like? And I just read this and it's depressing because if I'm supposed to think I'm more attractive than I really am, then I'm screwed. Because I'm not attractive at all, I'm repulsive and horrid-looking and hideous and that means people literally think I'm vomit-inducing and that I probably look like a troll. This is very depressing. Ugh, thanks a lot, internet. I'll go eat some doughnuts now.

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