Why I Love Reading

Thursday, August 08, 2013

It's been quite awhile since I've been lost in a book. I've been so busy with studies and homework so I haven't had the time to just sit down and read a book and forget everything else. Reading makes me so happy and I love reading fiction books so much, almost too much. I try to read at least five books every long holiday, but I always end up reading up to twenty during the December holidays. Anyway, here's what I love about reading.

I love the feeling I get when I have a book in my hands. I treat it so delicately because they're fragile - old or new. Then I start reading and that's when I get so captivated as my eyes flow over the words that turns into scenes in my head. The story lives in my head. I can feel the texture on the paper and words that are printed on it, and I hear the pages rustling as I flip the page over, and again. An hour passes, and mom offers to pour me a glass of iced water or sometimes tea, and I'm so into the book that I barely lift my eyes off it when I grab the glass and take a sip out of it. It's past midnight and I've been reading for several hours, only taking short toilet breaks - while having the story still running through my mind. Mom calls me up to sleep and I tell her I'll be up soon, but that's a lie. I have to finish the book first. So I sit in the empty dark house with the others sleeping and only a light so I could read and I read, and when I'm finally done, I have this feeling of satisfaction but also emptiness, because I don't know what to do with myself. And as simple as that, I have finished a thick book, and as I put the book down, I know it'll always be in my head, even if I eventually forget the minor details. 

That's why I love reading. I can easily take my mind off shit that's happening just by getting myself lost in a book. It's sad that the only material I've been reading lately is just Biology or Econs notes. It's sad.

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