Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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WHAT IS UP, HOMIES? This is a celebratory post because I just reached 1000 views today! That's totally weird because two days ago I had 900+ but thanks for reading my (really boring) blog! I had my A Level Biology SPA today and it was alright although I was really paranoid that all my answers were wrong. I heard thunder halfway through SPA and I was just smiling to myself and hoping it would rain heavily until PE ended. It was raining heavily throughout math tutorial and it was really cold and all I could think of was you and how much I wished you were right next to me. But maybe not, my sleepy face resembles a fish. Anyway, unfortunately it stopped raining but it wasn't scorching hot so I chose to retake my 2.4km again since I failed last week. It was horrible. During my last lap, I was way behind Sid but I sprinted and caught up to her then I sprinted harder (who thought I could sprint faster than my usual sprinting?!) and overtook her for two seconds and then we reached the finish line at the exact same time hahaha 21:05 minutes. We both improved so please be proud of us. Of course, I collapsed to the floor and panted like a total dog and it was all really embarrassing, but the PE teacher (Ms Janelle?) told us since we already took the 2.4 retest twice, we are done with NaPFA for the year!!!! I didn't stretch after I finished the run and I lied on the floor immediately (which is a very bad thing to do) because then both my legs and my butt just started cramping up and I was dying because I couldn't move at all and I was about to cry. I'm alright now! And this is for Nabs, who has been spelling napfa wrongly for a very long time NaPFA = National Physical Fitness Assessment hahaha I'm so proud of her for passing!!

I'm really glad tomorrow's a late day so I can wake up an hour and a half later. I'm also collecting a new Photog shirt tomorrow so I'm pretty excited! I'd have a total of 9 shirts including this new one! (5 house tees + Tribed orientation tee + Atlas orientation tee + green photog shirt and now a black photog shirt!) Anyway, school ends late tomorrow I want to shoot all my teachers. It's supposed to end at 2:35 but I have an extra Chem lesson and Bio consultation afterwards so I end at 4:15 and I'm very sad because I want to go home and sleep. I think I might be falling sick. My throat feels itchy although I'm not at the coughing stage yet and I don't sleep enough so my immune system might be low right now? 

Holy f*cking shit, I just saw Fayy tweet about Sims 4 can I just cry now? Oh my holy God. But it'll on be released for PC and all the freaking electronic devices in this house is Mac/Apple ugh and it'll be released in 2014 oh my god do you know how excited I am?? I did something stupid and basically Sims 3 Late Night/Ambitions/World Adventures/ EVEN THE FREAKING BASE GAME won't work so I'm really pissed and I tried uninstalling and installing it again and it doesn't work so maybe I could save money to get a small windows laptop with loads of RAM just to play Sims hahaha worth it or not I DON'T EVEN KNOW but you don't understand how much I loved Sims 3, I loved making the sim version of myself so perfect, I loved flirting with hot sims and eventually getting married and woohoo-ing in the freaking lift, and designing my own house and control+shift+c "motherlode" to become rich instantly. I was so happy I used to play for hours OMG WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK CLICK okay sorry I need to stop screaming at all of you

Can someone please just love me kthnxbai
PS: You made my day, thanks xo

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