What People Don't Tell You About Prom

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Prom. I've always been excited for the day I'd experience prom. I guess, growing up watching tv shows and movies with prom scenes in them made me so impatient for this wonderful night to come. It would be so fun to go shopping for dresses and heels and purses. I had always imagined a boyfriend knocking on my door and then my parents would take pictures of us and there would be a small-ish limousine for my friends and I. And then when we reach school (the US high schools are always so big and have big halls), there'd be a temporary arched walkway just for prom and a photo booth to take pictures with your date and when you enter the hall, there'd be tables on each side of the hall and the entire middle section would be totally empty - to make way for a dance floor, of course. There would be long tables filled with food and fruit punch and there would be a large disco ball hanging from the ceiling. Then there'd be a DJ playing good music and then I can slow dance with that boyfriend and then there'd be the fast songs and we can just have fun and dance with my best friends and it'd just be so so so fun. 

But my prom experience, was nothing like that. My prom shopping was horrible because I got a dress that was way too expensive, and it was really heavy - yes, the dress was heavy. It was at a ballroom at a hotel. The entire ballroom was filled with tables - no dance floor and no dancing. I was from a girls' school, so no dates and no boys either. The buffet tables were outside so we actually had to walk out to get the food. We spent the few hours there just sitting there while watching performances, so that was awful. God, and it totally didn't help that my self-esteem is so bad because everyone else looked absolutely gorgeous and I was like an oversized blob of blue. So now you know that my childhood dream of enjoying prom has been totally ruined and I never want to attend a dance ever again. I hated how I felt that night. I felt completely crappy, I looked crappy too. I'm upset now bye. 

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