Elysium 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm probably the laziest blogger ever. Here's a bunch of pictures with tiny captions. Enjoy.

Pretty Eli backstage luvluv she did good
Very hot // This was like one of the best pics I took for the entire Elysium rehearsal!! Lighting sucked for other pictures.
So... graceful.
Managed to capture this the other day with my new 55-250mm lenses that I got recently off ebay!!
Selfie edited by Farah!

Someone get me this ASAP

My kinda new sports shoes. Have I blogged a picture of it before? I don't recall.
WTF is up with my mouth. This was the day of Saif's birthday party.
Finally, our class picked our mortals (little slips of papers had our names on it and the angels just selected a piece of paper) and I'm pretty excited for Monday! Maybe I'll shop either tomorrow or Sunday for my mortal's gifts. I've extensively stalked her on social media sites and asked my classmates hehe so I think I can get stuff that she likes!! I hope my angel gives me stuff that I like too. But I don't really know what I like... To my angel: I like cookies, oreo, cats and hamsters (I know hamsters are only like $13 but don't get me a hamster please, I'm not allowed to have one). I like nice smelling stuff: soap/ hand sanitiser/ lotions whatever. I also like nice highlighters like the Zebra Midliner one hahaha I don't actually want stationery hmmm I like accessories - clips/headbands/BRACELETS. Okay I shouldn't be too demanding. It's the thought that counts!! Andddd we're dismissed at 12:55pm on Monday and we're ordering Sarpino's to eat there!

I wish I were beautiful.

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