How Do You Live?

Saturday, July 05, 2014

I'm annoyed right now because my dad's been pestering me to study since last night. Let me point out that I've been mugging non-stop since last Sunday and my last two papers are on Tuesday but the moment I got home yesterday, my dad told me to study. In fact, I had just finished taking a shower and I was scrolling through my twitter timeline and my mom went up to my dad and was saying in malay "Kids nowadays cannot be relied on. I had to send the food myself to the neighbours." EXCUSE YOU, I just came home and I was still in my towel (I was in my parents room cos better internet) So yeah I was really angry. Then after breaking fast, he told me to go study and not rest tonight like are you even kidding? He wasn't. Apparently six hours of exams and twelve hours of being in school doesn't give me the right to a break. So I was incredibly pissed off. And he reminded me to study today during sahur and reminded me again before he left home two hours ago. Leave. Me. Alone. I'm tired. Why can't people understand? I'm so angry. I'm just gonna go off now, adios. I need to look for new blogskins because this sucks.

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