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Monday, September 22, 2014

♫ Last Night - The Vamps  ♫
Sam told me to update and I realised I haven't updated in over month, so I'm back! I have only two papers left for prelims, so I wanted to spend the night doing absolutely nothing. I spent three hours looking for my entry proof but I can't find it so I guess I'll have to go to the General Office on Thursday. I'm highly dreading that because you guys know how much I hate the GO staff right? They're incredibly unfriendly, rude and are clearly unhappy to be there. I'm planning on being extremely productive tomorrow, so wish me luck! I usually have Tuesday blues (ask Sid, she knows how moody I am the entire day just because I have Chemistry tuition at 7:30pm). But anyway, I don't have school tomorrow and the day after that, and I have exams on Thursday & Friday. The clique's planning a movie outing to watch The Purge: Anarchy & I'm super excited because the girls and I haven't gone out since 9th of July, I think. I watched The Purge with Xinying last year and it was great because the cinema hall was completely empty except like a bunch of boys who were sitting next to us. Then I asked my dad if we could watch The Maze Runner at night and he said okay so I can't wait because I'm finally seeing him on the big screen. Like he has grown and developed so much from when I first saw him on that first episode of Teen Wolf back in 2011 :') I'm so proud of him. Anyway, enough talking - time for pictures! (Random pictures because I just cleared my phone so I don't have much lol)

170 days until I see you bby
Thoughts on me with red hair? Hahahah my dad would kill me if I ever did this
Tried winged eyeliner for the first time ever!! Featuring Shrek ears
Car ride while twinning with my sister Farah ♡
Frickin hideous passport picture!! I can't wait to lose weight and take a new passport picture when I turn 23 hahah

Me featuring expensive sunglasses that now belong to Farah
Mugging with Sidster over the September Study Break!! 
Two-toned hair, whaddup?!
Ew I look gross but I cba to find a better picture. This was when the rest of the clique skipped school, leaving me and Xinying alone the entire day hahaha
When going out :-)
Me with the babe hahaha I should post this on insta soon x

I'm gonna go watch Hotel King now!! Yes, I never thought I would be the kind to watch Korean shows. I swore to myself years ago that I would never be like this, but Lee Dong Wook has enchanted me. Don't judge me hahaha adios, hope I'll have time to make more updates? Do you guys like posts with pictures better or? Anyway, my blog hit 5k views! Not much I guess but it still means a lot to me that people actually bother to view my blog so thank you thank you!!

Love you all, stay happy, keep smiling :-) 

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