Lack Of Rom-Com

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sid asked me to recommend her some rom-coms and I had to ask her what the heck that was, and turns out it's romantic comedy! Why can't people just say romantic comedy? It's just four more syllables!! So I couldn't list titles just off my head so I logged into my iMDB account and guess what? I've had the account for six years! I've literally been into movies for six years - that's when I was twelve! So I scrolled through the list of movies I've watched and rated and also the list of movies in my Watch List. That was over 250 movies, I think, and I could find definitely just less than twenty movies that were not horror. Most of the movies I did recommend to Sid, however, she had already watched - so that was useless. If any of you wants a list of horror movies to check out, then definitely leave me a message or question on my and I'll compile a short list of movies that you should watch (only horror movies + a teensy weensy bit of sci-fi)

Anyway, I feel very crappy and tired right now after that stupid Chemistry Paper 2 and there's no exams tomorrow so I'm here blogging since I'm just not in the mood at all to study for Paper 3. I guess I'll just do that tomorrow. Since I have nothing else on my mind that I wanted to talk about, here's a review of a restaurant I had lunch at on Saturday. I can only hope that the pictures are already transferred to my computer because my phone went dead a few minutes ago.


Firstly, I would just like to say that most of this review will be focused on the dish that I had ordered, although there's definitely a couple pictures of the other dishes my family ordered. So my family was driving around looking for a place to have lunch and we found this little restaurant called Agrobazaar at the corner of some street (I'm crap with directions) So we took a look at the menu and I was disappointed because there was nothing I really liked but my mom thought it was okay so we opted for a seat upstairs and it was actually quite spacious and pretty and clean and I just really liked the environment. Then we took another few minutes to look at the menu again to make our orders and I settled for a 6 piece homemade(?) chicken satay that was $7.90. My order arrived shortly after and I was starving, having not eaten for the past 24 hours or something like that. 

So I took a few pictures and then dipped my satay into the wonderful delicious nut sauce and it was just perfect. Firstly, the chicken satay itself was thick and succulent and kind of crispy and I absolutely loved it.  The nut sauce was sweet and a little spicy - just how I liked it. This dish had only six sticks of chicken satay and I was still hungry so I ordered a whole other plate of that - and finished that as well #fatty. But the satay was amazing and easily the best satay I've ever ever ever tasted and I eat A LOT of satay. So until I find better satay elsewhere, this ones are simply delicious. I also ordered banana critters aka goring pisang and they were in a weird shape as compared to the ones my parents get at Afghanistan or something but they were sweet and just so so so delicious. Mom ordered Ikan Tiga Rasa or something like that and she said it was nice so here are some pictures!

Service: A

Food: A
Price: Idk, my dad paid. 
Ambience: A
Overall: Definitely worth a try!!

If you want to give this place a shot, here's their details!
Agrobazaar Malaysia37 - 43 Sultan GateSingapore
6391 9841
10:00 - 22:00


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