Life Update

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I've been busy and tired and I've been going out a lot with my family and my feet hurts. We're picking up the little bitch tonight. I know I've been shitty with updating my blog regularly!! But don't worry muahah I have two posts coming up that I promise will be up soon... Hopefully by next Sunday maximum okay!! I've been catching up with my tv shows - I finished Season 4 of Teen Wolf and the first half of Awkward Season 4. Currently downloading a few seasons of other TV shows hehe. I picked up my prom dress yesterday & it looks pretty so I can't wait for prom! A

Anyway, my next posts will be 
  • a hair update with hopefully high quality pictures of my new hair
  • makeup review of an eyeshadow palette that i bought
  • maybe a mockingjay review if i'm not lazy cos the hunger games = life
I also have a couple videos coming up I think
  • cosmetic drugstore haul video
  • vlog/life update
In the meantime, watch my first video!! And leave a comment of what kind of videos you think I should do, and hit thumbs up or subscribe or whatever you want!!

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