Little Things

Friday, May 31, 2013

Today has been such a good day! I woke up at about half past ten to get ready and meet Nabs for our lunch/movie/shopping date. We were supposed to go with Sid, Xinying and Eli but they ditched haha. Anyway, we met at noon and headed for Fish & Co, which was amazing! I've always eaten at the Express outlet at Downtown East so I figured it was gonna be like meh but the actual outlet at Tampines One had like the best fish & chips ever - hands down. I ordered a Danish Fish & Chips which basically meant it had like cheese and spices stuffed inside and oh my god it was sex in mouth. We then walked around into stores which sold clothes at prices I could never afford on my own and Nabs commented that I looked so sad and bored but I swear I wasn't! We finally went to Cotton On and she got a couple of stuff and paid with a card (rich kid) and I bought new shoes and a bracelet! She said I looked much happier after Cotton On hahaha. I finally tasted cotton candy gelato! Anyway, we watched Jurassic Park 3D after that which was so so cool and she screamed like nuts - she hates scary stuff, and this is in 3D so imagine her face - and I screamed too and laughed because everyone was scared. 

Here are some pictures from today:
(I sincerely apologize for the face-overload because I totally forgot to take pictures of my food and ice cream :( Sigh)

Ah this post is gonna be so long. I actually wanted to write about the little things in life but I ended up talking about my life like ugh no one wants to know! Anyway, I feel like we have to appreciate the little things in life that bring joy to us, you know? Like maybe your friend made a joke that you laughed really hard at. Or the weather is really good today. Or you found a shirt that you really like. Or the guy you have a crush on from school smiled at you. Or you got free ice cream (hell yes). Or your mom cooked your favourite dish. Or you have a good hair day. Because life isn't ever easy and if we just dwell on the shit parts of life, then we could never really be happy. So we have to appreciate these moments. LOL happiness advice coming from the most depressed person in the entire universe. 

So yeah today was splendid! I haven't had that much fun in awhile. I had an awful sleep last night though. I went to bed at about one am and then I woke up at three for god knows what and then I sat at my table and watched the traffic - something I've liked to do since I was young. It's just fun to see the lights turning from green to amber to red and then to green again and cars speeding in the middle of the night - and then I went to sleep again and woke up at eight and then slept again and it was just horrible because I couldn't breathe and my throat hurt like mad and my lips were so dry it felt like it was gonna tear :( My mom just gave me some pills so I hope that'll help. I'm just gonna read my book now. It's called Empty by Suzanne Weyn and it's about the future when fuel prices are $80 a gallon (it's about $6 a gallon here in Singapore now) and electricity gets shut off and it's super cool and I'm only at page 45 so I hope to finish it by tonight.

Have a good night everyone xo

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