Kind Teachers Make A Huge Difference

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My mood was really off today, I couldn't find a reason to smile at all. I was just really down the entire day. Math and Bio was a bore, but I managed to stay awake like 98% of the time. It was over pretty quickly and then I had a boring wait while waiting for 3.30 which was when the workshop started and I went in with QY and the entire two hours was so boring I wanted to cry. We had to do this group sharing session thing about studying strategies that worked and what didn't. Then we had to do up a study plan for next week and I was just laughing to myself because next week I'd be in Japan and I won't be studying!! Oh well, when it was over I left and walked to the bus stop and I was already 65% there and then I got the notification from whatsapp that LKM wanted us to collect our hand-carry travel bags and knowing that mom was packing my luggage tonight, I walked back to school and it was already 5:36 and he said no collecting after 5:45 but I reached the staff room at like 5:40 and I just called him on my phone. He came out in like three seconds with my bag and then we talked awhile. The moment he opened the door, he went, "I haven't seen you in such a long time!" and I said "It's only been a few days" but thinking about it, it actually has been exactly a week since I last saw him! It's quite sad. We were discussing outfit options for our airport meeting Sunday night hahaha and then there was the thunder booming and he exclaimed that it was gonna rain so I left and rushed back to the bus stop and thankfully it didn't rain until I got back home safely. Phew.

I was happily using my phone on the sofa after I got home and then suddenly lightning striked and we had a black out and then the thunder came just a second later -- it was so scary. The sky was really dark outside and we were just chilling with the lights on and mom was watching the tv and suddenly it went dark and I'm like wtf?? Adi said he experienced a black out at the same times as well hahah and he was home alone.

Anyway, two more days and I'm officially done with my J1 year. Two hours of boring Bio, and then a three hour break, and then two hours of boring Econs and then I can go home. I can hardly wait. 

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