Halloween 2013

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Firstly, I would like to thank my Macbook Pro for having the SD card slot. Somehow my external memory card reader isn't working so I decided to try out the SD slot and it worked! So on Thursday night, I went to Sidra's Halloween Party cum Birthday Party. It was really fun, and hot, but there was good food and aircon in Sidra's room so that made up for it haha. I went trick or treating for the first time in my life, yes, at age seventeen. I wish Singapore celebrated Halloween haha. Most of the neighbours had candy to give out so I was quite surprised! The condo units were unexpectedly huge there at Bedok Court! Condos nowadays have such tiny units. Anyway here are some pictures from that night!

Eli as the Black Swan.
Xinying as a garden fairy.
Sidra as a... clown doll thing.
Me as an ugly vampire.
Nabs as a... bride of Chucky perhaps? She wore a witch hat later on.
Me without my mask. Not bad, eh? JK

 The following are of me before stabbing my friends.

Anyway, I went out with my mom to get tickets for Thor tonight but the only seats left were the ones in front. So we left, sadly. I saw the Catching Fire poster and finally the familiar release date struck me. I was gonna be in Japan on the release date! I was devastated, actually I still am devastated right now. I've waited, what - one year and eight months since the first movie, and probably two to three years since I read the trilogy. So yeah I was like wailing in EHub as my mom was walking around NTUC and she kept asking me to shh because people were staring. Sigh I'm really upset ah. Mom said we can watch it after I get back from Japan which means... five days after the release date? Sigh sigh triple sigh. Mom offered pizza and froyo to cheer me up but I refused.

Three days to my Oral Presentation, and nine days to my I&R submission, as well as THE END OF PROJECT WORK. I can't wait for it all to be over.

Sidra got this for me as my birthday present. I think I might start it tonight.

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