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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dad just gave me $50 to top up my ezlink card! I'm watching Arrow now! It's finally my rest day so work starts at 3:30pm tomorrow so I have all the time in the world to blog. My last blog entry was from before I started work, which was on the 10th of February. Work the first few days was nice, but a little rough because I wasn't used to standing for so long. My feet and my ankles and thighs all died but now I'm almost completely fine with standing that long. Basically I work at an electronics store at the airport in the transit area and it's been quite fun! I have amazing colleagues and they're all super nice and funny. The youngest staff in the store is Xinyi and she's 25 I think? Followed by Ali I think haha I'm not so sure at all but now I'm the youngest!! There's a million funny things that has been said or that has happened and I just absolutely love working with them!! Especially Jaubail, Jay, Xinyi, Murli and like ugh everyone!!! I've had morning shifts and basically a big taxi will pick me up and a few other workers and drive us to the aiport for free! But I'm always late because of the long queue to get my pass but I just have to call the store and it's okay. Work is super tiring but it brings me some sort of happiness or satisfaction if customers leave happy. I keep eating unhealthily during my breaks though haha

I'm having afternoon shifts for the rest of the month so I will have to ask my supervisor about the transport back home since it's my first afternoon shift ever. Anyway my knees and my hips are bruised because (1) I keep having to kneel down to unlock stuff from the shelves, and (2) I keep bumping into the corners of stuff - I'm a clumsy piece of shit lah basically. And my watch spoiled because I stupidly used my magnet on it haha I'm THAT bored, yes. Ali said I'd need to change the battery and I'm like "yeah I know" and he suggested the Energizer battery and I was thinking to myself "Energizer produces watch batteries? Hmmm" then Jay said "Just use car battery lah, can last twenty years" That was when I realised they were joking and omfg I'm so gullible I swear hahahaha and Linda said my black bag is like "an aunty bag" ahahah so embarassing

Okay too lazy to type more but basically sometimes I smile to myself at work because even though it's crazy exhausting, it's pretty fun to work with all of them & they make me happy haha here are some pictures idk

HAHAHA work uniform pls don't laugh hahaah 
That's Iris on the left, Sid on the right - They work at T1 :(
i'M ALONE at T2 but no worries I have Jay and Jaubail and Xinyi and everyoneeeeeeee

There's another tablet with more funny pictures hahaha

There's a company lunch on Monday and idk what to wear!! I can wear anything but I want it to be nice but not too dressy because I have to change into my uniform anyway afterwards because I have the afternoon shift haha
Ah well, I'll blog when I can xo

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