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Monday, March 02, 2015

Just took some meds for my cough and fever and they're supposed to be drowsy but we all know (or not) that shit don't work on me. So here I am blogging!! I finally have two off days in a row so I'm actually in the mood to blog. So let's start off with where I left off the last post. On the 23rd, I had the company CNY lunch!! I was assigned to the morning session so I wasn't in the same session as Sid/Iris booo but I had Winnie/Rante/Jay/Jaubail/Xinyi/Murli/Ali/Michael/Linda so it's all good. It was really fun and we did the lo hei and it was so messy haha Xinyi gave really good advice for me to cover my tea with a soup bowl so the stuff didn't get in haha I think there were like nuts in Jay's hair by the end of it all it was damn funny. We had a goodie bag that had an Adidas duffel bag and Audio Technica headphones which are amazing and I got the 104th price for the lucky draw and won a bunch of stuff - Sony waterproof earphones/mp3 player (which I'm gonna sell because it's the old model that's compatible with only Windows and my entire family are Mac users haha), a Swarovski stylus/pen, Panasonic earphones, a 9000mAh powerbank and a VS Hair Setter - not bad right? Winnie (the cashier) got an iPhone 6 128gb!! And Peter got an iPad mini I think hahaha the lucky draw happens every single year - damn cool!!

So yeah that was fun. I've had a lot of afternoon shifts lately - which ends at 1am and I'll run off to get my IC and then run to get my free taxi. Turns out Rante/Doreen lives at Pasir Ris too!! And Doreen says she's 40+ (years old) but with her being shorter than 155cm probably, she looks about 25 max! All the Filipinos at work look so much younger than they really are! And I've come to a conclusion that all men at work already have kids - maybe except Michael... So I really like work! Except the boredom sometimes (but I have my coworkers to entertain me hehe) and the occasional annoying customer who goes like "You're supposed to be an expert" LIKE SORRY MAN I'VE WORKED ONLY FIFTEEN DAYS IN MY LIFE DON'T ASSUME SHIT and I'll be like "Sorry sir, let me check with my colleague *smiles*" *turns* *walks away* *evil glare* Anyway, I guess my contract says I'm not allowed to share too many details about my work process so I shall not say much but my sales for the month is $57,724! Pathetic sia that's so much lower than everyone else's (but I'm also a newbie) (hello first job ever) (i also worked only fifteen days this month) but those are just excuses because I basically suck and my sales is like half of the individual target for the month lol. Anyway, talking about fifteen days of work, I also only have fifteen days of work this month aka MARCH!! Because I asked for five days leave - because of A Level results and Uni open houses and all that and Simon (store manager) says the off days are fixed, so the other days are all unpaid leave or public holiday leave (since I worked on CNY) LOL I just checked my schedule and I have 14 off days total - and the day after One Direction concert - I have morning shift meaning I get home at midnight after the concert and I have to wake up for work at 4am lol die Jaubail was like "Wah unpaid leave for One Direction ah" She wants to see 1D too but when they come to Singapore on the 11th, she's overseas and when 1D goes to the Philippines, she's back in Singapore. Raj and Fysil calls me Terra instead of Tiara but I'm too lazy to correct everyone haha TEE AH RAH!! Did I mention yet that so many customers (and even some of the staff) asked me if I was Indian or Filipino? Have they never heard of the race called Malay!! Native Singaporean hellllllloooooo but whatever ah haha no big deal most of the time they'll just be like "Are you Indian?" and  I'll either just say "No" and smile or say "No, I'm Malay" and smile when they say "Oh, Malay!" as if they know it but most of the time only Indians will ask me if I'm Indian and Filipinos will ask me if I'm Filipino. Sometimes they even talk to me in Tagalog and I'll be like "Sorry? I don't speak..." and they'll be like "Oh you're not Filipino?" and I'll just shake my head and say no BUT I TELL YOU AH yesterday got this damn hot Filipino guy who's like tall and has nice biceps and I was just like admiring from far and then he came up to me and was like two seconds into asking me something and then he stopped and was like "Filipino?" and I'm just like "No" and he just smiled and continued his question and then he disappeared from the store like two minutes later so I asked Xinyi "Where did the handsome guy go" and I walked through the entire store but he's not there and Xinyi is like "This store got no handsome guys, everyone who work here is not handsome - only got pretty girls" then she and Doreen(? I think, I don't remember) laughed hahahah then I said "I'm talking about a customer lah" but really omg I think if I were to work longer like for a year - I'd be as crazy as them hahah don't even get me started on Murli and Kelvin hahaha I think they siao already but they're awesomeeee!! Jay said I should go to Boracay and I've seen pictures of Boracay for yearssss on instagram and it's beautiful - just read this online "We have been to many beautiful beaches in Asia, but nothing comes close to Boracay. It is in a different league from the rest." !!! TOTALLY WANNA GO THERE but Jay was telling Kelvin (I think) that the trip there from Singapore is damn burdening cos firstly need to take flight, then domestic flight, then boat ride, then bus ride, then boat ride again I think lol AH WELL maybe one day I'll go there

 Anyway I went out for lunch with these babessss at Pizza Hut so that was fun I miss them tons

Dad got me the 5SOS book huhu

Anyway I've fallen so sick and I have a fever and a bad headache and a terrible cough and I feel like ripping out my throat because I cough so much that every inch of my body hurts. I woke up at like noon or something today and showered and got ready to go to my aunt's house for a small gathering but before that, they dropped me off at the CPF building so I could drop off my agency's timesheet for work (If Wynne processes my salary shit ((I actually don't know how that works)) by the end of Monday, then I'll probably get my money by next Monday cos OCBC takes six working days) but then again my FRANK Debit Card still hasn't arrived!! I tweeted them cos y'all know I'm still terrified of calling strangers or whatever 

Hope they call me in the morning or noon-ish but NOT during results-taking lol

Please appreciate my face thanks I have an Olympus refresher course after work boo so I get off work at 5:30 ish boo but at least I'll be with Jaubail/Xinyi/Linda H/Doreen!! (& Kelvin & Peter)

Adios till my next double off day lol (I have a lot this month lol) (Cries) (Cannot reach target) (But it's alright) (Base pay + transport allowance + attendance allowance is enough) (Doubtful about attendance allowance but as long as I call the store in the morning to say I'll be late I guess it's okay?) (And no long breaks ugh)


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