Food & University Applications

Friday, March 13, 2015

So I've had just four days of work this month so far and my supervisor was telling me to work harder because I'm behind on sales but everyone else has worked double or triple of what I've worked (I've had many days off because of unlucky schedule + university open days). I just completed my NTU/NIE application and I have to submit a bunch of stuff today... later at the post office. Thank god the post office is so nearby. Read up about the interview process for the NIE applicants and now I'm highly dreading that... I really want to be a teacher but ?? My cousin (who works at MOE HQ now I think) says I should get a degree in something else first then go to NIE because it's easier that way.  I don't know who to think now. It sucks that my options are so limited here in Singapore.  I'm doing the SMU application now but I need access to my CCA records so I can write this but I'm too lazy so I'll just do this tonight or something. NUS Open Day tomorrow and I have to be at Tampines at 8am because Nabs' mom is sending us! 

Honestly, I feel like breaking down and I feel like screaming and pulling my hair out. Being rich would solve most of my current problems, I think. Not going to happen, though. Life is not fair and I can't do shit about it. Here's some pictures of what I've been doing the past two weeks.


That is in chronological order I think. Anyway, I've reactivated my bank account (It was dormant because I haven't made any deposits in over a year) Then I got my ATM card and the bank teller was too lazy to allow mom & I to apply for debit cards via the forms, so she insisted we did it on the ATM because it was easier and so much faster so we did, and I received my debit card yesterday and my name stopped after "Binte" so I'm majorly disappointed but I shall ignore that fact. I was supposed to activate my debit card which is supposed to be easy and there's two ways for that to be done, but I couldn't. Because apparently my IC number and my phone number "is not registered with the service" so I have to drop by the ATM again today to update my information - which is so dumb. Like I'm sorry for just recently turning eighteen and just updating my passbook from a "Kids Savers Passbook" to a normal "Passbook Savings" and not having my information in their system. The bank teller should've asked me for all the required information while I was there. But anyway I did my first transaction the other day and that was so cool. I basically just withdrew $250 for like expenses and shit so fun. And after I activate my debit card later I can finally go (online) shopping!!! Woohoo

Okay gotta go photocopy all my shit and then shower and get ready to go out byeeee

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