I Accepted My NUS Offer

Monday, May 04, 2015

Yay so today I got up, dressed up and took a picture for my NUS thing. So I finally accepted the NUS Nursing offer - so hey in like five years if you visit the hospital I might just be your nurse!!! Managed to sort out my makeup & camera equipment drawer. I'm rewatching Season Two of The 100 with my family so that's fun because I get to see my Bellamy more. I hope my April pay gets in soon because I'm incredibly excited!! Ugh I miss work and everyone at work. 

Okay, so I'm watching Unfriended with Nabs and Sid and then meeting Eli later on at the airport so we can eat at 4 Fingers which just recently became halal - watch my Snapchat story!! It's only gonna be up for 24 hours!! - and then I'm going to the warehouse to get money then drop by T1 to do stuff and then finally coming home yay! Yikes just realised that's gonna be on Tuesday. So Monday - tomorrow - is my dyeing-hair-blue-day. Muahahaha 

So yeah I didn't do much today at all. Probably gonna stay up to watch Vampire Diaries or something. I should probably take a late shower later to wash off all the disgusting black hairspray which makes my hair so dry and gross lol. So excited to have soft blue hair tomorrow.


------------------- Five hours later -----------------------

Farah wants to go out tomorrow... Aka in like twelve hours. I also dyed my hair blue. So I might have pics up lol. Going to watch Age of Adaline and have lunch.

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