I Quit My Job

Friday, May 01, 2015

I had my last day of work today. I swear I felt like crying. Today was good, though. I worked with Ali and Jennifer, as well as Marie who had split shift. The taxi driver reached work late so I called in to say I was gonna be late, then the day started out fine. It was quite a busy day actually!! I couldn't quite care less since it was my last day, but I did my best to serve all customers anyway. Jay called work at about 8:50 asking to help him and Linda He punch in since they had QSM. He recognised my voice so that was cool. I recognised his voice by the way he said my name hahah but I asked "Who are you" just to double confirm anyway before punching in for them. Then I checked the schedule and saw that MK had QSM as well so I punched for her. (I couldn't really tell if Jay said to punch for MK as well because it was incredibly noisy over the phone. But that was pretty much the last time I'll hear his voice unless I visit the staff at iSound haha anyway I took my break at 9am with Sid who came from T1 transit to T2 transit for me and we had macs breakfast and then she wanted to visit my store so while walking back to my store, I saw my MCM guy!! I still don't know his name or if he's malay or indian but he's like really tall and if y'all know a tall brown guy who works at Changi Airport's T2 MCM then tell me on my ask.fm hor haha

After break I pasted my goodbye letter on the wall of my store room and put out the biscuits and candy that I bought. Then I sent Sidra to the skytrain so she could go back to her terminal and guess who I saw!! MCM guy!! I have no idea why he never just stays at the MCM store - he literally disappears for hours. But yeah he's so attractive but my colleagues says he's aqua but like... straight or nah? Whatever that was the last time I'd see him. I was so tempted to turn back and just go MCM and say "Hi, it's my last day working here and I just wanted to know your name." But that's awkward as hell so nevermind. Hours went by rather quickly. I went into the store room to get a drink and saw Donny and Linda reading my note and I was like *awk, I'll come back later* hahaha but they said it was touching haha I'm glad they liked it. Anyway,  Jennifer/Jessie/Linda/Donny/Ho got me a Chanel lipstick as a small goodbye gift so that was so sweet of them although I think Jessie did contribute the money for the gift reluctantly hahah - but thank you nonetheless. She also said "It's your last day, why you take so many sales" and I'm just confused because both my sales (as a temp staff) and counter sales would be divided over the main staff so isn't it better if I took the sales since I'd help pack the items and assist the customers with anything else? Oh well, then from then on, after I served the customers I'd just bring them to the cashier and then leave to let Jessie settle everything since she didn't want my help anyway. I'm insanely proud of myself because my sales target for this month was I think $64.5k and guess how much I did? Probably $105k so that's awesome, right? That means $8k extra for all the staff - love you guys :)

So then it was almost 3:30pm and I was about to cry but I said goodbye to Jennifer/Ali and all the promoters - it was Fysil's last day as well. And he was like "Darling - I'll miss you" hahaha but ugh so upset. I stayed until the afternoon shift people came and I said goodbye to them as well and hugged them :( Then I returned my wonderful magnet to Peter and gave back my keys as well - asking him to pass it to Linda - then Simon shook my hand and said thank you & good luck and Peter shook my hand as well and said "Thank you for your contribution" and I left :'( I changed clothes and exchanged my airport pass then I waited for Sid who took for-fricking-ever and then we finally went up to the warehouse to collect our March sales booster incentive aka a $50 NTUC voucher. Then we went to Pizza Hut at Tampines. Had lunch/dinner and FINALLY WENT HOME. I crashed and only woke up at 9pm lol here are some pictures :/


Usual order at Pizza Hut + Cheese Sticks + Lava Cake

Check out my new hair!! I bleached it myself yesterday! My hair isn't damaged one bit so I have very strong hair ah hahaha I need to hairspray my hair black, take my university picture then dye my hair blue so keep a lookout for that haha do you like my hair? yay or nay? tell me what you think on my ask.fm 

I'm like some awkward tall person

Since I'm finally done with work, I can get caught up with tv shows! As I probably mentioned in one of my previous posts, I used to be able to keep up with my tv shows during my first month of work! Then I have no clue what happened but I stopped watching haha so now I can begin again! Yay

Cheers, until next time xo

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