Chipmunk Cheek

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Hi guys. I haven't blogged in awhile. I have a chipmunk cheek. I got two of the wisdom teeth on my right side extracted. I had to cancel plans for tomorrow with my friends because I'm still in pain and as I said, I have a chipmunk cheek. Anti-swelling pills don't seem to be working. Painkillers are alright. Antibiotics are making me sick. Farah said something about antibiotics weaking my immune system because it's too dependent on the medication. So now I'm sick and I haven't been sick in a long time. My immune system is awesome okay? Except now. I have Flag Day on Tuesday... I hope my cheek will decrease in size soon. Anyway, eating porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner is fun. Kidding. I get bored fast. I want to eat other things but everything is too big for my mouth now. My mom had to slice a banana for me to eat it... and she had to cut a sandwich into smaller pieces too!! I have another appointment next Thursday to remove another two teeth, on my left side. Hopefully the right side would decrease in size by then or else I would have two chipmunk cheeks...

Attended Conventus IX on Tuesday, got some pics with the OG. They're so lovely I hope we'll always stay close.

I'm back. Had to disappear for two days haha what's my life sorry. We had Flag Day today!! Christel & I were in a group with two Med guys and they're super nice!! I'm so awkward as usual but our collection was not bad sia! We had lunch at BK and I was craving a burger but I ordered nuggets instead since I can't fit a burger into my mouth at the moment lol. I'm still sick... Boo, I just looked on IVLE and downloaded the lecture slides for next week. Dina & Nadiah came over yesterday to do bidding cos Dina pointed out that this sem we only have 18MCs so why not do a GE module so yeahhhh we bidded!! I'll wake up tomorrow to see the highest bid/no. of bidders then I'll update them #paranoid #wishmeluck I'm too lazy form sentences anymore sooo let the picture fest begin!! (I swear I could be like those people who write really well and make everything sound so professional and like writer-y and I'm just here using hashtags and words like "writer-y" wow)

Before/After pics of my babes and I, 2011 vs 2015 Jalan Raya
Fun fact about the jalan raya on Monday 27th July: I hurt my ankle that day. 4 inch heels + clumsy me = not a good combination. Saif was here as well but I didn't like any of those pictures hehe sorry Saif

Conventus IX: 28th July 2015
ButterScotch, 28th July:
So I visited this cafe with Dina after Conventus. It was easy enough to find despite it being in Bukit Merah and it was my first time going there. It's close to NUS!! It was empty when we arrived at about 2:30pm so that was awesome. We stared at the menu for awhile even though I already knew what I wanted to order!!
Brioche French Toast - $14
 Pancake Eggs Benedict - $14
Red Velvet Waffles?? (Idk what it's called) - $12 maybe

So we shared the brioche french toast - two people, three dishes?? (They gave us three sets of cutlery omg #fatty) This was so gooooood. I loved the caramelised bananas they were so sweet and the turkey bacon and maple syrup was such a good combination, and the french toast was so soft and I just really loved it. The Pancake Eggs Benedict... first bite and I was like holy moly astagha masyaallah wHY HAVE I NEVER TRIED IT BEFORE. It was so good. The pancake was like heaven in my mouth it was so soft and the taste of the egg and the hollandaise sauce and the bacon was the best I HAVE SUCH LIMITED VOCABULARY but if I knew every single adjective to use to describe good food, I would use them. The Pancake Eggs Benedict was THAT good. (I wanna come back) Dina ordered the red velvet waffles and it was the perfect dessert to end off the meal. I only tasted a little of it but she said she got sick of it after she was full but to me it was quite good!!! I can't wait to go back there!
Service: A :)
Food: A***
Price: A-
Ambience: A+
Overall: I definitely recommend this place to everyone & I'm definitely coming back :)
Blk 164 Bukit Merah Central #01-3625 Singapore

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