Scribbled Out The Truth

Monday, August 24, 2015

Finally done with school related stuff tonight. I got 5/7 for the Mobility Quiz, which isn't bad considering how I was playing SimCity while listening to the e-lecture and I did the quiz in 3.5minutes!! Anyway, tomorrow is lecture day and there's some mock e-assessment so I have to bring my laptop to school and there's a briefing after school as well so tomorrow well so I have to be in school from 10am to 7pm... Then after I head home there's all the tutorials to do, or maybe there's not much work? (Fingers crossed) 

I bought tickets for the Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights with Jessica, Serene & Jiaxuan and it'd be the first time I'm going to USS so I'm quite excited for that even though it's like... two months from now. We got horns and light rings too lol

School seems okay so far, I just have to keep track of the stuff to do. Anyway, I feel like I'm spending so much. My school bag still hasn't arrived so I'm still carrying my JC bag. My new waterbottle came but it the water tastes weird so I'm gonna disinfect it with boiling water later... but the plastic might melt #dilemmas Oh and my 13k mAH portable charger came and I'm charging it now so I'll test it out tomorrow yay 

I think I'm gonna make a separate Color Run post after I'm done posting all the pictures on Instagram, I'm uploading like one picture per day since I hate spamming but there's like tons of nice pictures so I'll probably be done with that only Friday hahaha but anyway I bought a few clothes so I can't wait to wear them yay but tomorrow I'll probs be wearing a dress bc why not. It's school and I don't go out much so why not wear my fancy clothes to school. Nothing I wear is fancy lah actually I literally only have to sections in my closet aka clothes to wear at home and clothes to go out. 

I say "anyway" a lot but anyway, this is where it gets ~personal~ 
Do you even read my blog anymore lol whatever I just feel like two and a half years is a long time to have a crush on someone and it's for the best if I just move on, right? But that's what I've been trying to do for so long and it's not working at all, not one bit. I wish I could just forget I even knew you. Actually right now I can relate so well with 5SOS's Amnesia except my life is like 10x more boring than that. I haven't seen you in forever. I probably wouldn't know what to say if I did see you anyway. It was nothing, it was nothing. Friends was what we were. Acquaintances, maybe. Strangers... now.

I'm really not fine at all.

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