It's Been An Okay Year

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The train just left Kembangan. I'm on my way home alone from town because Farah went off to meet Shasha. I've been thinking a lot the past few days because well, what else is there to do? (Don't say study) I had my first CA on Monday, it was an e-assessment with fifty-two MCQ and we had one and a half hours. I finished it in a half hour and spent the next twenty minutes checking my answer and waiting for Vic to be done with hers so we could leave the lecture theatre. It turns out that she had been waiting for me too lol oh well. Anyway, I got my stethoscope on Monday as well and now I'm beginning to think that it's a boring colour. I went home with Nadiah and had dinner at Gelaré at White Sands. Farah came by to join us too! That was nice.

Tuesday was a strange day. It was all okay, really. We had our FON tutorial, then we lab. We were learning about the nasogastric tube. I pretty much suck at the entire procedure. I went for lunch with Vic but I didn't eat much at all. Then we headed for comms tutorial and that was when everyone started asking me if I was okay. That was weird. Vic insisted I tell her what happened, but nothing happened so I kept telling her that. Even Dr Shefaly asked me if I was okay. She said that I wasn't my usual smiley self and I seemed quiet and down. I was okay. We were doing the role playing, as always in comms tutorial. Yee Yean and I were the last pair to do our interview and I had prepared for it by doing research and shit so we went out and I started asking her questions and halfway through my mind just blanked. I couldn't think of anything and I was right in front of the entire class and like I'm cool with all my classmates so why would I just blank out like that? I panicked, of course and just started heating up - my blood was probably starting to boil - and I just muttered "Oh my god, what am I supposed to say... Oh god, oh my god" and that went on for what seemed like forever before I just asked "Do you have anything else to share with me?" And she said no so I just went like "Thank you for your time, I'll call you when the doctor's ready to see you" and the class clapped and I got the feedback. I don't think anyone mentioned me just freezing right there. It was just how my questions weren't building up to anything and how my posture was pretty tense or something. Dr Shefaly said I wasn't in the right mood. Class ended then so I went home with Serene. She was heading off to SMU to study with her sister so she left me at City Hall. It's always nice to talk to her, I feel. Wow that was the weirdest sentence structure ever. I went home and changed into my usual t-shirt and shorts and got in bed to watch Joe Sugg play The Walking Dead on Xbox. I'm pretty addicted. I got an email from Dr Shefaly which said that she hopes I'm feeling better and that I wasn't my usual self at tutorial and that she was concerned so she dropped me an email. She proceeded to say that no matter what happened, I should stay focused and keep moving. She ended it with "Stay awesome!" I'm incredibly grateful to have her as one of my teachers in university. I've literally never had a teacher who's so caring and understanding. NOTHING HAPPENED ON TUESDAY THOUGH so I just replied that I'm alright and thanked her for being the best teacher 5ever.

Dr Shefaly replied again in the morning saying she's glad I'm okay 😂 So I woke up pretty early on a non-school day and got ready and headed to JCube with Farah because we wanted to go for the free iceskating because it's free today for all university students but when we reached there, it was fully redeemed because it's only limited to the first 800 per day?? Then we walked around JCube which had nothing so we went to town and I didn't buy anything and so we left and now I'm home and today was pointless lol

Maybe I'm just having a bad day streak, hopefully it'd be better!! I think this year has been good so far. I haven't been too terribly stressed or upset. It's a pretty okay year. I hope the rest of the year would be pretty okay too!

I haven't talked much to the guy I have a crush on in like... two days or specifically like 35 hours or something hahahah I know I should probably initiate conversations but I'm so bad at that unless I already know someone a few weeks at least, you know?? I mean I've known him for quite a long time but we haven't like spent time together physically/irl lol WTV I'M PATHETIC I need to stop crushing on guys who won't ever like me back. He's probably studying or doing assignments or some shit. I should do my assignments too.

---- I'm home now and it's 9:10pm
Vic and I are gonna Skype later for our presentation next week!! I should probably try to finish my assignments asap. Yassar finished all the assignments we have already?!?!? So fast right?? Some of my classmates haven't even started. 

Anyway I've been using Spotify a lot recently?? Because I have that premium trial that's gonna expire late October so I decided to try it out and I like it!!!! I made two playlists that I really like!! 


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