Universal Studios Singapore + Date Night @ iLight Festival

Sunday, March 20, 2016

I finished midterms this week and it's all good! I ended with my skills assessment for CHA and Med/Surg and it wasn't completely bad. Vic and Nat agreed to go to town with me because I needed to get new jeans. I ended up going home at like 6/7pm? And we decided to go to USS the next day aka Thursday. Bad decision, because it was during the primary/secondary school holiday and we didn't remember that at all and it was so crowded. But we got our season passes!! The picture on my card is ugly as heck because I was so close to the camera, I totally should've taken a step back. 

It took like two hours to get our day pass and then to queue up again to make the season pass. We then went for the 3D Transformers thing which is still pretty cool. I tried Cylon for the first time and I screamed the whole way through. I don't know if I want to try that again. I legit thought I was gonna fall out of the seat and die. I'm being completely serious. I was screaming "This is not safe" the whole ride. I was pretty traumatised. We had lunch and then tried a bunch of other stuff. My legs died. Even the "lame" rollercoasters were scary to me. I'm scared of everything lah hor, I still want to do the other rollercoasters, but it's a straight up hell naw to Cylon. I didn't go on Human that day. The Mummy one was scary as heck I died. I thought I was really going to hell. We tried the Accelerator and that was underwhelming? I thought it was gonna spin until I wanted to vomit but nope it was just good wind. I was like really sweaty and my skin was sizzling under the hot sun. There was a photo-taking session with Fiona/Shrek but the queue was closed because it was twenty minutes to closing time. We walked from USS all the way back to Vivo and had dinner at Fish & Co and it was so good mmmm I love Fish & Co. It was expensive as heck because it was past 5pm so there wasn't any student deals. I dropped by Candylicious and I wanna buy everything!!! But I'm a broke ass bitch so I just admired all the mouth-watering candy yum. Next door was Cotton On and I wanted to buy some chino shorts (because we're going to USS again next week so shorts would be ideal, right?) but then I felt shit about myself because I remembered my parents talking shit (or the ugly truth?) to me [it actually happened tonight also lol I was talking to my mom and I mentioned that I need to get a pair of shorts and she's like "your kaki tak lawa nah" like ok great mom thanks for this revelation, I had absolutely no idea] but yeah I guess I'll just go in jeans again and sweat to death. 

You can obviously tell which photos are edited, and which ones aren't hahaha

I got home and slept after I printed my notes and showered and woke up at like 10:30 the next day. There was no CHA so I came just for Pathophysiology and I'm so thankful for Dr Z because I can go in knowing absolutely nothing and come out like 20% more knowledgeable. Am I exaggerating? Maybe, but I feel like I learn stuff and that's great. Class ended at like 3:50 so I took my time to get to Bugis and the downtown line is so cool??? I'm so jakun please ignore me.

I went up to Bugis Junction and then got lost so I decided to just walk back and wait for Sha lol he looked so good?? OKay moving on - I finally got to satisfy my Wingzone craving I haven't had it in forever and ofc I got my usual sweet samurai boneless chicken + cheese sticks and I can't decide which cheesesticks I like the most? Wingzone's or Pastamania's or Swensen's. I should learn to make my own. We walked around a bit after dinner, went to the rooftop (there's a dog cafe omg) and talked about celebrity crushes hahaha and then finally it was time for the movie but oh my god the cinema hall (is that what it's called) was so gross thank gOD it's shutting down for renovations. The movie was good? I don't know I liked the first two movies better or maybe even just the first one. Theo James was literal heart eye emoji inducing. We went to Marina Bay for the iLight festival after that and I was so fascinated because the buildings around were so big (I'm easily fascinated bc I don't go out much okay) and Sha made a ton of "that's what she said" jokes I was just like shaking my head astagha haha and it was really fun!! Super tiring but I don't care, we chased dogs (well I did) and took pictures and looked at the light instalments and took more pictures and walked around a lot and I tripped (but didn't fall) a bunch of times and we went to the light origami thing which I really wanted to go to even though I got only like one decent picture on my phone. The weather wasn't totally bad too, it was quite windy? I was still a mess but I'm always a mess so whatever haha. We rested at One Fullerton and then there was this lady walking by us and we thought she was having a bridal photoshoot or what so she went away to change and then she came back and I nudged Sha to take a picture and she looked right at his camera and smiled omg so embarrassing ahhaha and turns out she was a performer!! Lovely voice, too! And then we had to walk back to the MRT station and he called me cranky can you bElieve it I'm almost never cranky (other than in mornings before 10am and when I have to do stuff I don't want to do) but ya I think he was like 110% done with me snapchatting and using the sc filters on his face hahaha sigh it was a fantastic night!! 😊😊 I hope it won't be an entire month again before the next time we go out?

The pictures are almost all blurry because the iPhone front cam is like 1.2megapixels and very shitty in the dark and okay lah I can't blame the iPhone because I have really shaky hands also my bad
oh my god I just remembered we were crossing the helix bridge and the floor had the nitrogenous bases right and I was just like stupid or something because at first I thought okay cool random alphabets and Sha said it's Adenine and Thymine so I'm like ok nerd and then it was C-G and A-T again and again and then it hit me and I'm like oh my god DNA and I swear he looked at me like I was the dumbest creature to ever exist [I haven't walked on that bridge since the photography club orientation camp in 2013 okay - but that doesn't explain my stupidity lah okay cool thx bai] So yeah the end that was a really nice night and then I went home and died

oMG THEY FINALLY KISSED - i'm at episode 4 of descendants now it's 5am I should sleep I really need to pee also BYE goodnight I'll post this like now and then link it to twitter in the morning?? Sounds good?? And by morning I mean like mid-afternoon xoxoxo

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